Viral Video with 4M Views: Venezuelan Illegal Calls for His Followers to ‘Invade’ Unoccupied US Homes

Leonel Morena, an illegal alien from Venezuela living it the US, made this announcement: “My people have thought about invading a house in the United States because I learned that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited we can expropriate [seize] it.” The video has racked up 4 million views.

Whistleblower Shot in the Head Before Giving Final Testimony in His Court Case Against Boeing

John Barnett, 62, reportedly shot himself in the head in his truck just as he was set to give a third day of testimony in a deposition in his whistleblower retaliation case against Boeing. He worked for Boeing as a quality control manager and went public about his concerns over serious safety issues.

St. Louis: 15-Year Old Girl Has Brain Damage After Classmate Slams Her Head on Concrete

Maurnice DeClue, 15, was arrested and charged with assault following a fight that caused a severe head injury to 15-year old Kailee Gain near the campus of Hazelwood East High School on March 8, 2024. A video that went viral appears to show an attacker repeatedly smash Kaylee's skull on the pavement