The Fed to Force Healthy Banks Into a Sinking Lifeboat

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold: Federal regulators are plotting a course that could see America’s sturdiest banks tied to a sinking lifeboat. This plan, designed to compel banks to use the Federal Reserve’s discount window, aims to normalize the act of reaching for this financial lifeline amidst turbulent seas. TRUTH LIVES on at It’s as if […]

The DOJ Quietly Prosecutes the Covid Resistance

from Brownstone: Midwives in New York and plastic surgeons in Utah didn’t close schools, shutter businesses, or add trillions of dollars to the national debt, yet they are the primary targets of the Biden DOJ’s Covid prosecution. Court documents reveal how the Department of Justice has dedicated hundreds of thousands of dollars in resources to […]

Fake meat is a market failure

from WND: Investors, consumers show growing distaste for faux products A growing list of potentially intractable problems confronts the alternative meat industry, which includes both plant-based substitutes and cultured “cell-grown” meats. Consumers have not managed to swallow the fake taste (beet juice may be a sad substitute for beef blood), the Beverly Hills pricing, or […]