Deep State

Turns out we DO have a Deep State…and it’s “awesome”

Kit Knightly After years of denials, the mainstream media has decided to admit the Deep State does exist…and apparently it’s “awesome”. At least, according to this new video from the New York Times: It Turns Out the ‘Deep State’ Is Actually Kind of Awesome The video itself is a six-minute strawman, presenting interviews with rocket …

Evidence supporting >100,000 excess US deaths from the COVID vaccine in 3 months

by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter: My interview with German data scientist Fabian Spieker on what the US data shows. He makes the case for over 100,000 excess deaths in just 3 months time. I interviewed Fabian Spieker who is a data scientist in Germany who has looked at the US data and discovered that […]

Are We On The Verge Of An Apocalyptic War With Iran?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog: U.S. lawmakers are calling for military strikes inside Iran in the aftermath of a horrific terror attack that left three U.S. service members dead and dozens wounded.  So if the U.S. does hit targets inside Iranian territory, how will the Iranians respond?  It is theoretically possible that they […]

The Fed to Force Healthy Banks Into a Sinking Lifeboat

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold: Federal regulators are plotting a course that could see America’s sturdiest banks tied to a sinking lifeboat. This plan, designed to compel banks to use the Federal Reserve’s discount window, aims to normalize the act of reaching for this financial lifeline amidst turbulent seas. TRUTH LIVES on at It’s as if […]

The DOJ Quietly Prosecutes the Covid Resistance

from Brownstone: Midwives in New York and plastic surgeons in Utah didn’t close schools, shutter businesses, or add trillions of dollars to the national debt, yet they are the primary targets of the Biden DOJ’s Covid prosecution. Court documents reveal how the Department of Justice has dedicated hundreds of thousands of dollars in resources to […]

Great Replacement: Former German Spy Chief Warns of Deliberately Engineered Suicidal Mass Immigration and Islamization of Europe (Video)

by Amy Mek, RAIR Foundation: “They (referring to politicians and powerful individuals) oppose white people and contend that those with light skin should atone for perceived historical injustices by replacing the current population.” – Hans-Georg Maaßen, former head of German domestic intelligence agency (the BfV) In a thought-provoking and troubling interview conducted by Austrian television […]